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We need your help-We still have 9,200 € open veterinary bills

A project from Förderverein APAL Kreta e.V.
in Mirthios, Greece

We are missing 9,200 € for the settlement of open veterinarian bills - please help us!!!

Anja Oertel
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About this project

We desperately need your help!!! We are missing 9,200 € for the payment of open veterinary bills.
Between exhaustion, deep concern and the constant will to give the animals on Crete a life worth living, our team on site is tirelessly working. One call follows the next. 
After the use is permanently before the use. Sleepless nights and eating in passing, that's the current everyday life. 
We want to be there for the animals, but for that we urgently need financial support. Only with your help can we ensure that the veterinarians continue to give everything for the animals.  
Our costs have exploded in recent months due to Corona:  
We care for many more dogs and cats that are abandoned. The people who do not abandon their animals call us and ask if we can help, of course we do not reject them. We distribute food and medicines, pay veterinary bills and take in pets whose owners can no longer or do not want to care for their animals. The street animals find less food due to the lack of tourism, here we help too. 
In times like these, in times of unprecedented need, animals need us more than ever. We can only guarantee quick help if we remain able to act and for this we are dependent on your help. Every donation, no matter how small, helps! Please help us to raise the missing money!