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Help Wagon Project during the flood disaster

A project from An-Nusrat e.V.
in Kaarst, Germany

The "Hilfe-WAGEN-Projekt" (Help Wagon Project) is intended to support flood victims in the flood disasters. The vehicle is to be equipped with emergency clothing, food, sleeping bags, etc. and provide care for those affected and the homeless.

Adeel Shad
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About this project

Our welfare association is already firmly established in the flood disaster in NRW. Currently, many affected families are still unable to move into their homes and have to continue sleeping in halls and containers. Our Welfare Association is currently helping flood homeless people with food and clothing. However, the cold season brings new challenges. With the "Hilfe-WAGEN-Projekt", a transport vehicle is to be purchased to care for those affected by the floods. The vehicle is to be equipped with emergency clothing, food, sleeping bags, etc. and support affected, homeless, needy and socially disadvantaged citizens. The aid van is to be available continuously for the flood areas and will be used socially and later sustainably for other charitable measures and help for the homeless. The equipment and furnishings will be adapted to the season, the concern and the climate. The van will be used in locations such as Kaarst, Leverkusen, Krefeld, Stolberg, Dinslaken, Bad Honnef, Bad Breisig and Iserlohn. 
 In recent months, relief vehicles have had to be rented or borrowed on a regular basis. These uses were temporary and limited the work on the ground. Therefore, there is a great need to purchase an aid vehicle. 
 We have also already had discussions with municipalities that the vehicle should be used as a shuttle service for affected students. The vehicle is priced at 18,950.00 €. For this, the Welfare Association pays about € 10,000 from its own funds. Another € 8,950.00 is urgently needed to carry out the relief vehicle project in the flood areas.