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Great Dane Rescue for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark

A project from Doggenhilfe e.V.
in Wachtendonk, Germany

We help Great Danes who lose their home with the help of foster homes into their new home. We try to arouse understanding for the needs of a Great Dane through public relations work and to sensitize future owners.

Daniela Wulbeck
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About this project

The Great Dane in particular is a special dog not only because of its size. What it is by no means a status symbol. Unfortunately, not everyone has understood that yet. Our goal is the placement of Great Danes in a new, loving and permanent home. In addition, we would like to stand by you and your protégé even after the placement.

What do we do?
We are happy to place Great Danes who can no longer stay in their home in a good new home with the help of foster homes. We try through public relations work to arouse understanding for the needs of a Great Dane and to sensitize future owners to them.

Many dogs are handed over by the former owner with a large backlog of physical complaints that were not treated due to lack of financial means or simply lack of interest. This often results in lengthy treatments and often also surgical interventions. We do everything in our power to enable the Great Danes a symptom-free, happy life.

We currently have around 15 Great Danes in foster homes. Here all running costs are covered by us. This includes veterinary costs, food, food additives and sometimes a dog bed or collar / leash if this is needed. Some of the dogs can no longer be placed because of their age or very expensive chronic diseases. We have permanent care places for these dogs.

Our team consists of 11 strong women who devote all their free time to club work with heart and soul.

Especially now in the post-corona period, we receive new calls for help every day and we can only guarantee the help we provide through your donations.