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Save the coastal rain forest

A project from WWF Deutschland
in Mata Atlantica, Brazil

The Mata Atlantica is one of the most species-rich and threatened forest ecosystems in the world. Today less than 10 percent of it is left. The forest remains are also highly fragmented. 

Isabel Stock
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About this project

Biodiversity – Plant a Tree Campaign 

Help us to save the coastal rain forest in Brazil! 
The project is immensely important for the biodiversity of the world, as many species are endemic, threatened with extinction and have only a few areas to survive. The project also has a social component and is important for the local smallholders, as the soil is so heavily compacted and eroded by cattle grazing that over 300,000 river sources have dried up. Without water, however, the farmers can neither live nor work.
Together with the Instituto Terra, the WWF in Brazil wants to restore and replant an area of up to 400 hectares of coastal rainforest/ Mata Atlantica with native tree species. To make this happen, we need your support now!
We as the Siemens-Team responsible for Connectors and Cable assemblies supporting this and we call for donations from all our supplier/partner to fulfill or even better exceed our target for planted trees. 
Beside fostering biodiversity in this project our primary goal is to sensitize and create awareness for sustainability.
Establishing Sustainability in the Supply Chain it is not implemented to gain an economical advantage against competitors it is a jointly work for a better life for all who take part in our interconnected world. 

Measures that WWF is implementing on site together with Instituto Terra:
Enrichment plantations in a private sanctuary:

Collecting seeds in the natural forest
germination in our own nursery
Soil preparation
Planting and care of tree seedlings over 3 years