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Löwencup repowered

A project from Sportfreunde Hamborn 07 Handball e.V.
in Duisburg, Germany

Wir möchten Deutschlands größtes Rasen Handball Turnier wieder zurück nach Duisburg holen.....

Thomas Kazubek
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About this project

back to 2008, when it was said in the NRZ: "3000 athletes competed in the Löwencup in Holtkamp Strange scenes take place in Hamborn. Two boys in blue, red and white striped jerseys from TuS Uedem walk down Schlachthofstrasse with a crate of beer at a red light. Your way leads to the football field at Holtkamp. But this Saturday lunchtime it is littered with handball players. The ashes area of ​​the Hamborn 07 football team has become a large parking lot and a tent is hidden in even the smallest corner. At the fourth Löwencup, the largest field handball tournament in the Ruhr area, there are no limits. " Back to the Future So the newspapers could be full of handball again. In order to realize this Mamut project we have to plan, and we have funds that will be used for the sport afterwards. We don't want to make a profit, but the work of having fun welded together. For this we need donations, donations that help to rent and finance space rental, purchase, rental of vehicles, material, toilets, showers, etc. Please help us ... Thank you. Only when we have reached a budget of 20,000 euros can we use the LC 202? do it again. With this in mind, your LC team from Duisburg

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