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Shelter rent for the year 2022

A project from Pfotenhilfe Naxos e.V.
in Viersen, Germany

Every year we want to pay the rent of 5.000 € for the animal shelter of the local organization "Naxos Animal Welfare Society", which takes care of the stray dogs and cats on the Greek island of Naxos.

Nina Klein
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About this project

 On the Greek island of Naxos there are many stray dogs and cats, most of them are malnourished, and some have terrible diseases. Our goal is to help these poor animals. For this purpose, we work closely with the local organization "Naxos Animal Welfare Society". We collect donations and regularly send pallets with food and other supplies to Naxos. 

We have also found a site for a new shelter for the animals, as the old location was always flooded in winter. On this site the new shelter must be completely rebuilt. The construction costs a lot of money, so we also support NAWS financially. 

Additionally, we take over the shelter rent every year, since a warm and dry roof in winter or protection from the sun in summer is essential for the recovery of the animals. Our goal is to raise 5.000 € per year for the shelter rent, so that the animals on Naxos can continue to be cared for in the new shelter.

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