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A project from Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Erlangen e.V.
in Altstadt Erlangen, Germany

Support the conservation of one of the oldest monuments in the old town of Erlangen, the 350-year-old »Stadtforscherhaus« on the late medieval city wall.

Pia Tempel-Meinetsberger (Vorsitzende)
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About this project

»Stadtforscherhaus« is one of the oldest buildings in the old town of Erlangen. Built in 1669 it dates back to the time before the great fire of 1706, which destroyed almost the entire city. Our association has acquired the badly dilapidated monument. Conservation work has been taking place since October 2019. Surprises drive up costs: a lot of manual work, increased material costs, and even more. Research, exhibitions and events will take place here in the area of tension between the past and the future. In addition, students who work and live in the house as »urban researchers« are to be supported.

(»Stadtforscherhaus« means »house of urban researchers«)