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Closed Give joy for Christmas to children & families in Mollebaya and Coporaque !

A project from Intiwawa e.V.
in Arequipa, Peru

Christmas is coming around. Help us to provide our Intiwawa children & their families with joy for Christmas!

Melanie Kneissl
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About this project

This past year has once again been filled with a myriad of challenges for people around the world due to the global pandemic. Our children & families from Mollebaya and Coporaque were no exception -  most schools remain closed for on-site activities & learning in Peru is still largely taking place remotely, since almost two full school years. Activities at our Casa Intiwawa have only resumed with our mothers from Madres Luchadoras, while our Tareas project is still taking place entirely remotely until the end of this year. Luckily, things are slowly improving and we are looking positive and motivated for the upcoming year !
Sadly, our Intiwawa-Christmas party cannot take place onsite this year for a second consecutive year. Nevertheless, we want to give our Intiwawa children & families a little joy for Christmas !  

Our wish is to give each of our 65 students educational materials as well as toys, and provide food (chicken, chocolate, milk and panetones) for each of our families so that they can spend a wonderful and bountiful Christmas.

With your help, we can bring Christmas to our kids and their families !
Muchas Gracias por su apoyo