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Food, Education, Energy & Development for South Africa

A project from Food, Education, Energy & Development e.V. (FEED)
in Potchefstroom, South Africa

Food, Education, Energy & Development for South Africa combines the production of CO2-neutral energy with sustainable agricultural cultivation, the training of people in need and the supply of hungry people with locally produced food.

Edith Brasche
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About this project

FEED e.V. is a German non-profit association that combats malnutrition and hunger in South Africa and trains people without access to education and jobs through state-approved training in sustainable agriculture as well as in photovoltaic system installation and maintenance in such a way that they can provide themselves with their own vegetables and medicinal herbs, find a job or become entrepreneurs themselves. Particular emphasis is placed on the training of women and young adults in Africa. 

Our development aid projects combine the construction of a so-called Food, Energy & Training Facility, i.e. an Agri-Voltaic plant with a training area, with training and further education as well as the agricultural production of vegetables and medicinal herbs under the modules. The first of these plants was built in Potchefstroom near Johannesburg in South Africa. People are trained and employed in the facility; under and between the module rows, the locals produce vegetables and medicinal herbs, the medicinal herbs in turn are added to a Vitality porridge based on a locally produced mais porridge. To combat malnutrition and hunger, this Vitality Porridge, which contains valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins for healthy development, distributed daily to schoolchildren and their families in selected schools in regions about 150 km around Potchefstroom where unemployment and hunger prevail. 

FEED is now looking for donors who 

- use their funds to provide start-up financing for the establishment of further Food, Energy & Training Centres in South Africa; FEED e.V. plans to build such a combined agri-PV system at other locations in South Africa, e.B. Cape Town, and to train up to 60 people per megawatt per week as well as to create new jobs in the operation of the plant, the training center, in sustainable agriculture. Through the sale of electricity and the sale of agricultural products, the plant and training programs can be operated sustainably after start-up and construction. 

- with their donation or sponsorship, support the distribution of Vitality Porridge in schools and the transfer of knowledge about the importance of balanced nutrition for the health and healthy development of children. 

- specifically enable people who have become unemployed or had little access to education to participate in certified trainings due to their donations. 


FEED e.V. works with local NGO partners, SUNfarming South Africa, SUNCy and Skills for All as state-approved training companies. 

Donations to FEED e.V. can be made in Germany and are tax-deductible. In the case of start-up financing for a new Food, Energy & Training Center, implementation is possible within about 1 year of receipt of donations and leads to sustainable development of the entire region.