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Break New Boundaries: for more exchange and diversity!

A project from Brand New Bewegung e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

As an independent and non-partisan organization, we want all people to participate politically and see that they can make a difference. We work on a voluntary basis - and now urgently need your donation to build up a permanent team and office!

Max Oehl
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About this project

We are Brand New Bewegung e.V. - a grassroots organisation that works on a voluntary and non-partisan basis. 
We believe that Germany has a problem: Many young people are dissatisfied with politics and/or do not feel adequately represented by it. They don't participate because they don't identify with the classic party structures and these are too far removed from their reality.
Two years ago, we started Brand New Bewegung to change that and, above all, to enable underrepresented groups to get involved in politics and represent their interests. With Brand New Movement, we offer a very low-threshold approach to getting involved. With huge success: the composition of the German Bundestag has never been so diverse, young and female as after the 2021 Bundestag elections - which is not least due to the fact that we supported progressive candidates with our cooperative work, three of whom were elected to the Bundestag. All this could only be made possible by the tireless commitment of about 200 volunteers.
With our association, we now want to use this unique selling point:
  • We want to organise exchange formats between progressive MPs and civil society. We want the MPs networked with Brand New Movement to show young people, especially from underrepresented groups, how they have made it from a non-privileged environment and manage to get involved. We want MPs to tell in a close and personal way what everyday political life is like. This promotes political education and encourages and motivates young people like us!  
  • We will work closely with other civil society organisations to pull together in strength and launch joint actions. 
For the implementation of these formats, we can no longer do without a permanent full-time team that we can pay and that can thus invest more time to devote to the great goals and challenges of our time.
We also want to make it possible for our volunteers, who are spread all over Germany, to take part in locally organised meetings and workshops and pay their travel expenses.

Our financial resources are a limit that should not hinder us further.

Help us to do this and Break New Boundaries. Every donation counts!