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A project from Amatsiko Child - Hope for Children e. V.
in Wakiso, Uganda

"Help us build a home together for up to 100 children, feed them every day and give them access to education."

Micha Koch
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About this project

Meanwhile, 60 needy children live under the care of the Kikumbi Foundation and spend the nights together in a temporary barrack, which already offers much more security than spending the nights on the street. 40 other children from destitute families are provided with basic necessities and involved in daily activities to give them hope for a better life as well. The goal is to build a common home for all 100 children in the near future, provide them with daily care and give them access to education.

The Kikumbi Foundation was founded by Godfrey Muwanga and Veronica Hassuna, who both see it as their mission in life to help needy children in Uganda to have a better life. Both grew up as orphans under similar conditions and spend every hour of their day ensuring the safety of their children and laying the foundations for a better future.

The care of the children is mainly financed by private donors. There is no financial support from the government. The support that once came from the community has been absent since the Corona crisis began. Church services are not allowed and contact with the community has been broken off as a result. The Kikumbis are trying to generate their own income and support themselves in the future with their own sustainable business ideas. But there is still a long way to go. The monthly supply of basic foodstuffs costs about 1000€ per month. When the schools reopen, school fees of 50€ per child per quarter will be needed. Medical care, clothing or hygiene products are examples of other cost factors. In addition, a new home for the Kikumbis has to be found and financed.

What is needed
The piece of land with the shack that serves as accommodation is only available to them until the end of the year. Therefore, the most important task at the moment is to find a new home for the Kikumbi Foundation and its 100 children. A piece of land of just under 1 hectare with fertile soil that would allow them to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and access to suitable infrastructure with schools, markets and medical care, is already available. A construction company has drawn up a plan for the new children's house, which would offer the children and their carers a suitable home with cooking facilities, sanitary facilities and their own sleeping quarters. But there is no money for this. About 20,000€ are needed to purchase the land. The construction of the house including basic equipment is estimated at about 50,000€.

Can you support the Kikumbi Foundation in improving the lives of destitute children in Uganda in the long term?
For more information visit: Amasiko Child - Hope for Children