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'Bei uns doch nicht!' | Podcast von chronik.LE

A project from Bei uns doch nicht! | Podcast von chronik.LE
in Leipzig, Germany

The podcast 'Bei uns doch nicht!' by chronik.LE is dedicated to current political issues around neo-Nazi, racist and discriminatory activities and makes affected voices audible. For this work, the presenters need donations!

Steven Hummel
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About this project

The monthly podcast 'Bei uns doch nicht!' is the auditory medium of chronik.LE - a documentation project with the goal of collecting and analyzing neo-Nazi, racist and discriminatory activities in Leipzig and the surrounding counties as comprehensively as possible.

The work of chronik.LE shows: neo-Nazi activities and everyday racism are widespread in the region. The project was prompted primarily by the increase in right-wing violence and the strengthening of the local neo-Nazi scene in Leipzig. According to findings of the victim counseling service for victims of right-wing violence RAA Saxony, the city of Leipzig was one of the focal points of such acts of violence in Saxony, with 36 attacks in 2011 (previous year: 44 attacks).

The idea behind the project: Only those who know their way around can also take effective action against neo-Nazis, racism and discrimination.

"Journalism with attitude"

In the chronik.LE podcast - 'Bei uns doch nicht!' - the presenters, together with selected interview partners, explain political contexts and make affected voices audible.

Each episode devotes itself in approx. 60 minutes to a selected contentwise emphasis. In the column current reports the Podcast of reported assaults and discriminations of the past month. 

In order to be able to finance further work, the podcast makers - just like chronik.LE - are dependent on donations.

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