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Fund raising for refugee children of South Kurdistan

A project from Kurdischer Kinder- und Jugendverband KOMCIWAN e.V.
in Erbil, Iraq

We as KOMCIWAN e.V. mainly want to bring joy to the children of the refugee camps of Southern Kurdistan by identifying and procuring their needs on site. With your support you enable us to realize this goal.

K. König
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About this project

Current situation in Southern Kurdistan:
In the areas of Erbil and Dohuk, part of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, there are numerous refugee camps that serve as emergency accommodation for thousands of people. More than ten thousand people have been living in impoverished and unimaginable conditions in the camps since 2014, having fled to the Kurdistan Autonomous Region after the targeted mass killings by IS in the Shingal region.

About our project:
In spring 2022 we will travel to Kurdistan (Erbil/Dohuk) with a delegation of 6 - 8 people to talk to the people in the refugee camps and learn about their current acute needs. We will buy these on site and distribute them to the people. Our focus here is especially on the children and their wishes. Due to the conditions in these regions, it is already difficult to provide for their basic needs and security. Consequently, the children can hardly imagine such a childhood as we know it. Therefore, it is our priority to listen to their wishes and to give them what they need (clothes, toys, books, etc.).

Goals and finances:
The goal is to support needy people, especially children, in refugee camps. We want to get our own impression of various unknown shelters in the area of Erbil. In the course of this we have for example considered the refugee homes Basirma, Qoshtaba and Darschkran.
Incidental costs incurred by the organization and implementation of the project (travel expenses / food / accommodation of the delegation), are taken over without exception by us as KOMCIWAN e.V.. Thus, 100% of the donations reach the people in need and the funds are invested exclusively regionally.

Our association KOMCIWAN e.V. is a non-profit, registered youth association that has been connecting Kurdish children and youth in Germany for over 30 years. We have self-organized local youth groups in many federal states, which protect the Kurdish culture with their voluntary work and empower young people with Kurdish migration history. We are democratically organized, non-partisan and non-denominational. Last year's newly elected federal board has declared the cultivation of contacts, the expansion of relations and possibly, the support of Kurdistan to be an essential goal of our work in this period of office. We want to start this initiative with this fundraising campaign!