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Let's kick off education together!

A project from Landesverband d. Kita- und Schulfördervereine B/Bb
in Berlin, Germany

The "Together for education!" funding pot for daycare and school development associations supports inclusive, sustainable, and cultural projects for greater educational equity, especially in structurally weak regions in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Marie Alex
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About this project

The lsfb supports its nearly 800 member associations with approximately 60,000 members in Berlin and Brandenburg on their way to developing daycare centers and schools into places worth living. This includes making them places that provide kids with equal opportunities.

All children need education to have the chance for a happy life.

Some of them need our and your support for this!

Let's do something together for a better future of children and youth: Together we can make a big difference!

With our funding pot and your donation, we make it possible to support projects quickly and easily. This saves time and nerves, so that those involved at daycare centers and schools can concentrate on actually supporting the children instead of applying for funding.

Our funding pot is for projects that promote equal-opportunity, inclusive and sustainable education for children and young people. This can be a new reading corner or a raised bed in the school garden, a daycare trip or a summer party with neighbors, it can be a learning mentorship or a theater project: the possibilities are as diverse as the kids and young people.

It makes a huge difference whether a child is supported in the development of his or her strengths and abilities or not.  Daycare and school projects can promote participation and educational opportunities, and make a lasting change in a child's life for the better!

Let's initiate educational projects together!
Join us in making this difference and support a wide range of projects by making a donation to the lsfb that will have a lasting impact. Uncomplicated and unbureaucratic.

Part of the budget is earmarked for the administration of the funding pot and our association life: Personnel costs and rent, travel and material costs.