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Sparrow Ministries

managed by T. Taljaard

About us


Sparrow Rainbow Village, the first in the world, Aids Hospice, adults and children, Home Based Care Education, Training and Counselling, was founded on 14 February 1992 by Rev. Corine McClintock. Since opening our doors, the tragedy of AIDS stares us in the face daily. From the hopelessness and helsess who stand outside our gate in the morning to the children who arrive with their sick mothers, we are surrounded by the victims of the largest pandemic the world has seen. Regardless of this reality, we refuse to be stunned into passivity by this killer disease. Our oto is and always has been "Get Up and Live". We ask donors to please "Get Up and Give".

Sparrow Village located in Gauteng, South Africa, offers ddicated hospice care for those infected with HIV/AIDS. Antiretorviral drugs have restored health to many of our patients. They GOT UP AN ARE LIVING. We must now re-Integrate them back into the community. Finding housing is a challenge.

The Village can accommodate:
* 36 in our adult hospice
* 25 in our peadiatric ward
* 200 children in our 10 housemother cluster homes
* 20 adults in semi-independant housing
* 10 mother and their children

Orphan Initiatives:

As mother continue to die and leave their children in our care, we must endeavour to provide a home-like atmosphere for them in order that they may thrive and attaint heir potential. We must make an effort to find foster or adoptive homes for them but the reality is that few have left Sparrow. As our pupolation gorwns, our challenges to raise them intor productive citizens also grows. We operate a creche for our smaller childrena dn all or our school aged children are in local schools. Homework, extracurricular activities and sports are all part of our programs to help develop our children into well adjusted adults.

Adult Initiatives:

As our adult patients recover, we are encouraging them to take responsibility for their lives. 70% of our staff are former patients including some who are still in our care. Providing an opportunity to be productive and earn a salary helps them regain some of their sense of self-esteem lost as they struggled witht he stigma of HIV/AIDS.

Community Projects:

Sparrow is also involved in a umber of projects in Gauteng as well as Limpopo and Mogale City and Bloemfontein. We provide support and fill basic needs. As our organisation has matured, we are asked frequently to facilitate the distribution of these services. In this way, we are able to touch the lives of many who are deperately poor and sick.

We also provide training for home based care givers who can return to their communties and assist with the sick.

There are may child-headed households in our area and we are involved in a project to support grannies who are now caring for their grandchildren. This requires nto only providing food and medical car, but much needed emotional support as they try and cope with raising these children.



Cnr. Lola and Nadine Streets
South Africa

T. Taljaard

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