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Enoleshama Youth Group

managed by W. Letii

About us

Enoleshama Youth Group is an organisation of a group of youths aged between 19-23 years, who have came up with an idea on how they will assist each other and the needy community in general. This is a group of ten (10) youths comprising of ladies and gentlemen.
The group started in the year 2010, whereby all of the youths in the group are still pursuing their education. The group and the entire maasai coomunity in general have been facing difficulty in dealing with the life situation due to lack of education and technology skills. Due to this, the group came up with an idea of looking forward on ways to assist the entire community and mostly the upcoming young kids and children.
We have worked tirelessly as a group to make sure that our education will not perish but due to poor background and lack of resources, this is giving us a challenge and therefore we are calling for your help to assist the group to eradicate the power of illiteracy among the community.

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Looking forward for donor

  W. Letii  21 March 2014 at 12:31 PM

Enoleshama Youth Group has been a progressing group since the year of its birth(2010) to date. As a group, many tasks have been brought forward and all need a lot of attention towards the entire group and the community.
All the members as we said earlier are still pursuing their education and most of them are about to accomplish their vision but funds have become a huge challenge to them. As the aim of the group, they are working tirelessly to make sure that its members succeed in their education but this has become a mountain in front of them.
Many projects are still waiting to be accomplished, i.e. creating an awareness to the community about education, planting trees to conserve environment, help the orphans who are hopeless in the community are just but a few of needs that need to be accomplished by the group members.
The entire group through their chairman are looking forward for the well wishers who can really donate and raise some funds to make this individuals succeed and accomplish the task that is a head of them. Your donation and apiece of advice will lift an individual in our community from the pit of ashes to the sky.

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W. Letii

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