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Future Vision Organization (AREEN)

managed by T. the Development of Abilities

About us

OUR VISION is to educate the Palestinian youth, both male and female, and promote the youth's role in community development as well as to promote their status as global members.

OUR MISSION is to increase youth participation in community development in the social, cultural, economical, and political realms.

OUR GOALS are to encourage further development of the abilities and talents of Palestinian youth, both male and female; to promote the youth to partake in community and global leadership roles; to provide more opportunities for you, especially females, to partake in community activities and services, such as professional careers and volunteer jobs; to establish a forum where youth can express their feelings and concerns about the community openly and democratically; and to create partnerships with other youth networks

OUR STRATEGIES are to establish centers, manned by professional staff to train youth in professional areas such as: technical, administrative, educational, political, economical, social, and environmental; to encourage female youth to express their ideas and participate in community development; to create a research team that is dedicated to promoting youth participation in community and global development; and to inform domestic and international audiences of Palestinian youth needs and our efforts as an organization


Dheisheh Refugee Camp
Dheisheh Refugee Camp
Palestinian Territory

T. the Development of Abilities

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