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About us

ATWC, Is an association or union of people working together as a unite in alleviating many of the social flux facing our society today, especially modern day slavery in the form of human trafficking!
The association's aim is to create a forum for the inculcation of the spirit of unity and social consciousness, develop a union solidly based on love, honesty and trust reliable at all time and that can take care of emergency situations protect and guide people from and against all forms of intimidation. Encourage people to cultivate and nurture healthy desire for self discipline, respect for others both within and outside. Encourage and assist individuals to engage in small-scale business or trade for self-sustenance while creating opportunity for self-reliance. Combat many of the social vice that many young girls and women are being subjected to here especially modern day slavery - in the form of human trafficking.
When we talk of slavery, we are talking of:-
*Person(s) forced to work, under physical and mental threat.
* Owned and controlled by, employed, through mental and physical abuse or threatened abuse.
*Bought and sold like commodities in the market place.
*Dehumanized, discriminated against Isolated.
*Person placed under restriction, without freedom of movement, association or expression.
Hence we can classify or define a slave as -
"A person bought or sold, dehumanized, placed under constrain without personal expression, freedom of association and movement a person forced to work long hours with little or no pay to compensate for services rendered".
Irrespective of the fact that slavery has been outlawed, women and children around t he world today are trafficked and forced to live as slaves. People today do not look at it as slavery but the signs and hallmarks are there. The condition of service has remained the same, and their manner of getting these persons has remained the same, the buying and selling system has remained the same.
These persons once sold are sent out under strict control of oath traditionally (before these girls are exported to Mali and many neighboring countries many are made to summit their blood, fingernails and hair from the pubic region to swear through occult means) and other policing methods to work for their new boss.
These girls often sell for between two hundred and fifty cfa to one million cfa in Mali (250,000- 1000000 fcfa) approximately $500 - $2000 and then the traffickers will make these girls to work as prostitute. Paying their master with out any recompense to themselves.
Those that dare refused to are beaten up, made to pass days without food, during the day they may be made to stay in the hot sun in Mali that sometimes reaches 42 degree f. Others are chained and hung like a condemned criminal as punishment. Those that are unlucky die as a result of this treatment AND are buried like animals.
These children are crying out but no one is listening to them. Our association is adding to their voice.
They need your help to come out of slavery. Every aid you might give today can save a child from modern day slavery.
Traffickers are organized group they are rich and can afford to buy the heart of some law enforcement agent.
To be able to fight them so as to eradicate them we need finance, psychological as well as emotional support to assist these girls.
We have been fighting alone since 2002, but the number of traffickers and children trafficked keep on increasing on a great scale.
We are not financially balanced to wage an effective war on this trade of trafficking. But the little or much you can give today will go a long way to help our association in this war.
We so much count on you as these poor little girls also are counting on us to rescue them.

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