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Talent Uganda Limited

managed by S. Ivan

About us

Talent Uganda Mission Statement
We are united through our intelligence & talent so that:
• We can live and work in dignity through music and dance performances;
• Our work will be fulfilling and compensated fairly;
• We will have a meaningful voice in decisions that affect us;
• We will have the opportunity to develop our music and dance talents.
• Our collective Dance - music voice and power will be realized in a democratic and progressive union;
• We can oppose the forces of exploitation through our Union Solidarity-"Together We Can”

To achieve these objectives, Talent Uganda must commit to:
• Treating each other with respect and dignity without regard to level of education, style, capability, ethnicity, creed, sex, age, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or national origin;
• Honoring the standards and expectations we collectively set for ourselves in pursuit of that vision, supporting and following the Bylaws that we adopt for ourselves;
• Actively participating in the democratic institutions of our Music and Dance Union.
With that unity and resolve, we must engage in direct action that demonstrates our powerful ability and determination to:

• Organize unorganized musicians & dancers, extending to them the gains of unionism while securing control over our industry sectors and labor markets;
• Bargain contracts, record labels and otherwise exercise collective power to improve wages and working conditions, expand the role of musicians and dancers in work place decision-making, and build a stronger union;
• Build democratic music and dance power to ensure that performers' voices are heard at every level of government to create economic opportunity and foster social justice;
• Provide meaningful paths for member involvement and participation in strong, democratic unions;
• Develop highly trained and motivated leaders at every level of the union who reflect the membership in all its diversity;
• Build coalitions and act in solidarity with other organizations who share our concern for performance, social and economic justice.


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