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Sadhana Village

managed by V. Deshpande

About us

Sadhana Village is a registered charitable organisation working in a valley in Pune district since 1994. It has projects in child sponsorship,women empowerment, suportive education for school laggards; rural infrastructural development and a residential care centre for adults with mental challenges. It has 32 adults with special needs.
The valley has 3300+ rural families most of which have very poor resources to sustain themselves. Hence there is a migration of the young and talented to the cities like Mumbai and Pune. We`ve been trying to improve the conditions in the villages in the valley and have taken up interventions such as : water conservation and lift irrigation schemes; support to women to empower them socially and politically; we have a child sponsorship programme which helps children in health, education and other needs.


Paud Road, Priyankit, Lokmanya Colony

V. Deshpande

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