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Alkhaimah- Association for Education & Development

managed by Alkhaimah A.

About us

Alkhaimah- The Association for Education & Development was established as a
registered, non-profit organization in 2002 by concerned, local Bedouin residents as a
response to years of continuous neglect by both the Taibeh Municipality and the Israeli
government. The Bedouin community has become tired of the situation and has
organized themselves with the aim to improve their own situation. Based on the belief
that every child has the right to receive proper education and an equal opportunity to
develop his or her skills, the association is creating viable solutions to advance the
scholastic ability of each student. Furthermore, the association is working hard to make
sure that every citizen has the right to access governmental services such as education,
health care and social security. The association has wide support among the younger
generation and is the only association with accomplishments in community building and
in youth education in the Bedouin community of Taibeh and other Arab villages in
Israel. Since 2009, Alkhaimah has expanded its activities to include more Arab villages
in Israel. Today Alkhaimah is running projects in different parts of Israel in order to help
children obtain proper education and support community development.
Alkhaimah believes that education is the backbone of community development. We try to
strengthen the youth generation in the community in order to lead the community to a
better life.
Long term goal: The long term goal is to strengthen the education among Bedouin youth
and strengthen their chance to lead the Bedouin community for better life.


Bedouin Coimmunity P.O.Box 411

Alkhaimah A.

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