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Hands of Action Uganda

managed by H. Uganda

About us

Hands of Action Uganda is a not-for-profit registered Community Based Organization (CBO), formerly Randa United Farmer’s Group (RUFG) which was created by a group of men and women farmers in Bududa district, Eastern Uganda, dedicated to promote and empower rural communities out of poverty, help HIV/AIDS affected and infected people, and to be the most competent and effective organization in providing services to alleviate mass suffering through the care and support of children, widows, orphans, and the disabled. The benefits provided by Hands of Action Uganda are not limited to the membership.
Our Mission
Hands of Action Uganda’s mission is to help the rural communities of the area improve their lives and prospects by mobilizing them to directly participate in initiatives and activities aimed at significantly improving their circumstances, both now and in the future.

Our Vision
Hands of Action Uganda’s vision are working to eliminate injustices of abject poverty that are persistent generation after generation. Poverty is the root cause of injustices of suffering and vulnerability in our rural communities, as people cannot afford the basic needs of life.



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