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Development Concern Centre (Decc Ghana)

managed by A. Hudu

About us

Decc which is “Development Concern Centre”, was established and registered with the Department of Registrar’s General in 2005.The Organisation was registered as a voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation to undertake developmental activities in both rural and urban areas. The Organisation is committed to the enhancement of the socio-economic status of rural people. Decc has trained and assisted rural people to keep Bees, provided Bee Hives to rural people, assisted needy children to benefit from formal education, worked with cultural groups, traditional dancers, local film actors and drama groups in the Northern Region of Ghana. Decc Ghana has been assisting marginalised women to carry improved bee keeping to mitigate hunger,poverty,malnutrition and illegal migration.

This project needs Five Hundred Euros( € 500) to train ten community women on improved bee keeping and to construct Kenyan Top Bar Bee Hives for the women.Protective clothes and smokers would also be purchased for the women.


Hospital Road

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