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Serene Home Stay & Volunteers

managed by N. Moses

About us

Our volunteer program is not just a placement but a chance to change lives of the less fortunate in the society both in rural and urban areas of Kenya. Orphanage, Teaching, Health care and Sports coaching are among the activities that volunteers undertake depending on their choice and at times even professional experience matters.

We ensure that our volunteers get a real life experience out of what they do and that they are safe by making follow ups on their progress at their project|placements.

Why volunteer?

There are many good reasons why people volunteer. Besides the personal satisfaction you will receive, knowing you made a difference in Africa, you will also:
Gain a profound understanding of how the world's poor live.
Gain firsthand experience and an understanding of children’s material and emotional needs.
To share a skill
Uncover hidden skills and talents.
To donate your professional skills
Increase your self-confidence.
Make children happier.
To do something different from your job
Make new friends.
Have fun.
We have had previous volunteers here who have enjoyed their stay with us and told us they have benefited enormously by working in our programs. It has been a life changing experience for them and we hope that it will be the same for you.


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