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Angelus Moldova

managed by J. McKellar

About us

Angelus Moldova’ is a charitable organisation based in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, Chişinău. Moldova is an independent republic with a population of 4 million, bordering Romania and Ukraine. It has had a turbulent recent history and is by far the poorest country in Europe. All cancer patients in the country are treated at the huge 1010 bed cancer hospital in Chişinau. There are no home-care services, so when patients are discharged home, the family has to cope without any support. In 2000, a local surgeon, Dr. Valerian Isac, recognised the need for this kind of care and established Hospice Angelus as the first provider of palliative care in Moldova. The primary goal of the organisation is to provide medical, social, spiritual and psychological care to patients with incurable and terminal illnesses.


Str A Mateevici 46

J. McKellar

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