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PeaceMajority would like to fund and manage a market research project to learn more about American public opinion on war and peace. What are their real values, beliefs and concerns about war and peace? What are the most important concerns in their lives? How do war and peace fit within those more important concerns for them?

Do the concepts of war and peace have any potential meaning to them in the contexts of their families, communities, workplaces and other environments? In other words, could it be possible to extend these concepts from their concrete institutional meanings (armed conflict) to a broad range of metaphorical uses, similar but in contravention to such notions as the “wars on” poverty, crime, drugs and terror?

Are there other compelling interests that offer more oblique gateways into broader engagement with our concerns about war and peace? Could concerns about such things climate change, poverty, hunger, development, healthcare, etc. provide new inroads for relating to the basic issues of war and peace?

Have they experienced any big changes in their beliefs or values (on anything of importance to them) in their lifetimes? What can we learn from their experiences about how this kind of change happens?

The answers to these kinds of questions will tell us how we can better reach our neighbors and fellow citizens with our own concerns about war and peace, by meeting them where they are.

This market research plan offers a way for systematic and comprehensive listening to the American public.


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