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CECAM Bolivia

managed by M. Stöber

About us

CECAM Bolivia was founded in November 2009 with the purpose of providing aid to Bolivian people with scarce resources and to improve the environment of Cochabamba. CECAM was created under the concept of “to help us help others.” CECAM is different from other NGOs because it works in a transparent manner and reaches the sector of society that does not normally have access to aid. CECAM’s main projects include ecological stoves and computer education workshops. Through the founders’ experience working with low-income Bolivian people and environmental technology, CECAM is well equipped to work with environmentally friendly technology. It also respects the customs and traditions of the towns and people of Cochabamba as well as understanding how to provide other services and training opportunities to those who would otherwise not be given such opportunities.


Calle Pio Hermosa Esq. J. Bustamente 0217
Ciudad de Cochabamba

M. Stöber

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