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Centre for Community Regeneration and Development

managed by H. Ngide

About us

The Centre for Community Regeneration and Development (CCREAD-Cameroon) is a grassroots youth led NGO whose staff members are working on a voluntary basis. Our mission is to enhance the social, economic, cultural and political empowerment of children, youths, women and indigenous groups for poverty alleviation, better community organization, improved governance, human rights and environmental conservation/management.
CCREAD-Cameroon was established in 2004 and legally registered as a non profit organization in December 2006. CCREAD-Cameroon won the 2011-2012 World Bank Development Marketplace Competition on the promotion of good governance, is affiliated to Peace Child International, (UK), an active member of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders, an NGO participant of UN Global Compact and a member of the International Development Alliance (IDA).


Open Market square
Bangem, South West Region

H. Ngide

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