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New Gulestan Arzo Organization

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What does the NGAO do?

New Gulestan Arzo Organization (NGAO) is founded by Mohammad Jahesh from Afghanistan and Cathleen Jahesh from Germany. This is an N.G.O. (non governmental organization), which is established to support Afghanistan´s guardian less families,children and women and help them to enhance the level of their knowledge through holding conferences, establishment of kindergarten, free charge schools, learning courses, workshops, english language and computer courses. Financial support for orphans and disabled families through sponsorships. NGAO`s main office is in Kabul but its activities will be in 30 provinces of Afghanistan. Mohammad Jahesh is the Chairman and Cathleen Jahesh is the Assistant Chairman of the NGAO in Afghanistan. They struggle day and night to create courses, educational centers, kindergartens and other learning centers where women and children are free to develop their studies.

The main purpose of NGAO is to educate Afghan women and children; those were deprived from education since 25 years and to promote their standard of knowledge with extending the level of health, management and computer, science awareness and education programs for women and girls in 30 provinces of Afghanistan. The aim of the program is to enable women and children to get their basic rights and become a useful part of the society.

The NGAO programs provide students with the skills required to get good jobs that will support themselves and their families and provide opportunities for self-directed learning. Over 100 students are currently busy with the NGAO learning programs.

I would like to thank Cathleen Jahesh, who helped me to found NGAO and provided her kind support (struggling) to make prosperous the women, children and girls life in Afghanistan.

A long-standing commitment from agencies and donors is required, in which the education of women and children should be placed as a cornerstone of the reconstruction process of Afghanistan.

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Schülerzahl steigt

  M. Jahesh  11 February 2009 at 09:36 PM

Seit Anfang Januar bietet die New Gulestan Arzo Organization kostenlose Kurse für afghanische Mädchen und Frauen in verschiedenen Fächern. Die Nachfrage steigt täglich. Momentan besuchen bereits 192 Mädchen unsere Kurse und mind. 100 weitere Mädchen haben sich bereits registrieren lassen. Es haben sich auch viele Kinder (Mädchen und Jungen) gemeldet. Allerdings können wir den Jungen momentan aufgrund von Platzproblemen keine Unterstützung anbieten. Der Unterricht müsste aufgrund der Kultur in getrennten Räumen stattfinden. Um den Unterricht effizienter zu gestalten, benötigen wir Ihre Hilfe. Wenn Sie Interesse an weiteren Informationen haben, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.

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