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Projektgruppe Kinder und Jugendliche

managed by R. Maoz

About us

A healthy childhood and youth cannot be taken for granted. Childhood is often burdened with consequences of neglect or violance, with external or inner conflicts or even mental disorders like anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, hyperactivity disorder, depression….
Our help aims to achieve an improvement of living conditions of children and young people who are affected by mental disorders. In our society they often are blamed or critised for their situation but help is lacking.
Everyone can become affected by mental disorders. It is important to learn how to cope with them. We want to establish a better understanding:
- to reduce prejudice we organise lectures, readings, info-points
- we individually give advise, thus presenting a link between parents, teachers and an adequate therapy point
- we support the children and youth-psychiatry of the University hospital Homburg by financing music therapy, holiday camps, play equipment
- In our cornershop we sell craftwork and organise three festivals per year to collect some money for our project
- our prevention project is STAGE COMPANY: a music and dance project for young people. This project focuses on school classes where violance, mobbing or other social conflicts exist. Music and art therapists exercise non-verbal expression and manners with the pupils. They develop a stage performance with elements of music, dance and art. The project will affect the group preventively and enduring because of the generated dynamics.
Awards: Prize of the German children and youth doctors 2007 and scholarship start social 2006!
We are part of Psychosoziale Projekte (psychococial projects) Saarpfalz e.V.
We hope that betterplace will help us to accomplish our work with as many help-needing groups as possible.
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Latest project news

Spendengelder, die nicht mehr für das Projekt ausgegeben werden können

  (Deleted User)  14 July 2017 at 02:36 PM

Liebe Spender,
bei Projekten, bei denen Spendengelder über einen langen Zeitraum hinweg nicht angefordert wurden, sehen das Gesetz und unsere Nutzungsbedingungen vor, dass die Spenden von der gemeinnützigen AG (Betreiberin von zeitnah für deren satzungsmäßige Zwecke verwendet werden müssen.

Deshalb setzen wir die noch nicht verwendeten Spendengelder für diese Zwecke ein

Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung,

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