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managed by K. Jacobs

About us

Start2Care -founded April 5, 2011- is an independent and privately sponsored medium which supports (international) causes and charity events by offering advice and free promotion on the Start2Care websites. It's our first priority to help raise awareness for causes and organizations who represent a positve message but who don't have access to financial support or operational resources. Our network is available for free to all visitors and members at all time because we believe that money alone should not be an obstacle when you try to manifest your ideas and solutions.

"...We support (international) causes by providing free internet promotion..."

"At Start2Care we bring people together in a unique and global community. We transcend all known political, economic and religious barriers because Start2Care represents a universal message of hope and unity. Start2Care is not a movement... We are a modern medium for conscious future builders!"

All over the world people are coming together in wonderful projects and (online) communities to share what they love and care about. There are numerous organizations who are fighting for human rights, our environment and their very own, specific cause. The world should already be a better place by now because of all these efforts in the past and present. But don't look around you in your daily life... Don't follow the news at all... or you will find yourself in a very different world than you have hoped for. Make no mistake about it: Society as we know it has some real issues going on!

Start2Care faces these facts and we answer to this by offering our help to find solutions. Many causes find their way to the (international) TV screens where their promotional videos reach millions of viewers at a time while smaller projects or organizations, who's causes are just as important, tend to lose attention and awareness because their budget doesn't cover a TV campaign. At Start2Care we turn the tide. We support your cause by providing advice and free promotion on the internet and our website for your project or organization to help you find a bigger audience for your message and more new members for your team.


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