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Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP)

managed by A. Kibuuka

About us

JEEP wants to mitigate environmental degradation in Uganda

JEEP is an indigenous development, non-governmental organization in Uganda.
It was founded in 1983 after deforestation and soil erosion were identified as major threats to the health and welfare of Ugandans. These issues had recently been denoted as the prime contributors to the human disaster in the Horn of Africa.
Today, JEEP carries out training and awareness seminars, focusing on environmental conservation and energy-saving technologies. JEEP uses a grassroots, practical approach and reaches out primarily to rural farmers.

JEEP focuses on the following activities:
1. Awareness, Training & Extension
2. Tree Planting
3. Constructions and Promotion of Energy-Saving Stoves
4. Solar Energy
5. Others (Advocacy, Consultation & Networking, Research & Farming)


Kyanja, Gayaza Road 7 miles

A. Kibuuka

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