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Rural Development Society

managed by J. Asif Paulus

About us

Rural Development Society (RDS) is a non profit & non religious development organization working exclusively for the rehabilitation & resettlement of neglected and marginalized rural communities of Pakistan. Its priority areas are social mobilization, capacity building, advocacy, lobbying for the social & economic resettlement/rehabilitation of the poorest and neglected women & children. It is mandated to undertake community development and social rehabilitation interventions including immediate relief and rescue assistance in natural and accidental disasters especially to poorest and disadvantages sections of the society.
Rural Development Society (RDS) has close and working partnership with government entities/ agencies, nongovernmental development & welfare organizations, local & international institutional and individual philanthropists and different charities. It has Sustainable & enduring linkages/ networking with partner communities. It maintained close liaison & collaboration with all its stakeholders through community participation, social mobilization/advocacy, networking, lobbying and capacity building. The target areas of RDS are marginalized and neglected rural communities and sub urban slums where most of the dwellers are poor, backward and illiterate. It has successfully launched its sustainable socioeconomic interventions in diversified areas of Pakistan.

RDS Vision:
Rural Development Society (RDS) Strive for the equitable and sustainable socioeconomic empowerment and wellbeing of marginalized & vulnerable community sections of the society including women, children, religious & ethnic minorities, disable and chronic ill people.


House#P-3155, St#3, Barkat Pura, Faisalabad. Pakistan

J. Asif Paulus

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