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Buloba Women's Development Initiative ( BWODI )

managed by D. Nabunnya

About us

Back ground
Major obstacles to women survival in our community include STIs mainly HIV/AIDS, parasitic diseases, malnutrition, teenage pregnancies, poor antenatal care, ignorance about reproductive health and inaccessibility to proper medical care. This has caused serious problems in the rural villages of Kasangati Sub County of women dying from common illness, infections, HIV/AIDS, infant and maternal mortality.
In light of the above problem, a community based mothers’ and adolescent girls’ centre will be established in a central location in Kasangati Sub County. This centre will focus on providing reproductive health educational, nutritional education, counseling, HIV/AIDS testing and contraceptive education.

Project goals
•To reduce the degree of ignorance, malnutrition, teen pregnancies and HIV/AIDS prevalence.
•To effectively use adolescent girl volunteers as a major factor in helping the rural communities to learn
•To enable and encourage the women access free services in counseling, HIV/AIDS testing, reproductive health and nutrition education.
The primary action for achieving the goals and objectives of the project will be;
•To create a centre in Kasangati that will become a focal point for providing information on health, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and nutritional for the teen parents and women through workshops and one-on-one counseling.
•To develop a recruitment/training programme and supervised practicum for women volunteers
•To develop documentation/dissemination plan to guarantee a systematic collection of information about the operation of the project and provide a basis for sharing information with other similar projects.

. Objectives
•To provide the women in KAsangati with relevant information regarding reproductive health and nutrition.
•To assist the women in Kasangati Sub County in learning how to effectively apply reproductive health and nutrition information in helping other youth.
•To teach the women in Kasangati Sub County how to evaluate changes in their health and in the health of others.
•To recruit and provide periodic training programmes for the women volunteers that covers;
a)Basic reproductive health and nutrition
b)Information on adults teaching methods

Latest project news

community contribution to the project

  D. Nabunnya  23 October 2011 at 04:06 PM

The orphans of Bulamu parish under the guidance of their mothers made bricks worth 40 Euros and Kasangati Women's Club contributed 35 Euros towards the needed cement.

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D. Nabunnya

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