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Colectivo Pachamama

managed by Josua R.

About us

Pachamama is an organization that seeks to develop projects with the primary mission of fulfill human needs in critical issues such as water, energy, food and housing. We solve the basic needs using sustainable, environment-friendly processes and working collaboratively with partner organizations in different marginalized communities and populations in risk, where we generate our biggest impact.

In Mexico there are over 60 million poor, 45 of which have extremely poor, and 85% homes have some degree of child bad nutrition and more than half of the population has no home ownership. Moreover, taking into account the problem of water in Mexico: every 6 seconds a child dies from water problems.

Pachamama seeks to provide accessible solutions to this set of issues ranging from water, energy, food and housing, developing comprehensive projects that take into account social, ecological, economic and ideological in one particular community.

Pachamama process is followed in three steps:
The first: establishing a first contact with the community where we are going to work, because many of the communities in which we work are culturally closed, it is important to establish strategic alliances with community leaders.

Secondly, a diagnosis of different problems and alternative solutions, then together with the community, we design a project or work plan with a year duration where we provide goals, objectives and costs as well as the different resources that we have available. Also, we conduce a financial campaign for the project in that community.

Finally, we run the project in collaboration with the partner organization or ally of the community where there is constant following of Pachamama and continuous monitoring by local facilitators.

For more information, visit the article that Pro-Mexico magazine made on Pachamama:


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Mexico City

Josua R.

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