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Voice Of the Blind Association

managed by Sina H.

About us

As we understand that the disable people especially the blinds are facing difficulties and sadness, unable to participate in the country development, get discrimination by the society, losing the employment opportunity, failure of morality, high traffic accidents and drug problems. Therefore, we are the group of blinds with Cambodian volunteer youth group of Battambang province have initiated to establish an association called “Voice of the Blind”. Currently, the association is registered and recognized by ministry of interior since 10th of May 2011. The main objectives of this association are to actively participate in disseminating and reducing the discrimination on the disable, promoting rights, freedoms and capacity , provide hope for proud of life, educate , train and establish the professional skills , provide the employment opportunity for all disable people including the blinds and participate in promoting , Khmer morality, culture and civilization and especially in dissemination for reducing the traffic accidents and drug problems.
At the present, vob has been setting the fundraising campaign to get charity fund from inside and outside the country in order to ensure the sustainability of the association and to set up a radio station that is the dream and hope of the disable people including the blinds. The radio station is called in English as “voice of the blind” abbreviated scripts “VOB”. This Radio will provide employment opportunity for all the disable people including the blinds to work in the radio station such as a program host, coordinator, news reader, singer, radio man, administrator and other jobs.
As informed above, we would like to appeal to all institutions including community, association, national and international NGOs and all donors to provide the charity support with materials and resources for the sustainability of vob and for joining as a strong solidarity in building the voice of the blind radio.

Note: all donors who will donate in kind monthly for the sustainability of VOB, their names will be posted worldwide through the internet website: which is belonging to the voice of the blind association in order to keep as the evidence and compile the strong solidarity from all kinds of donors.
When you donate us, please give your full name, sex, age, country, address, phone number or e-mail, photo (if possible) via this e-mail:
Thanks so much.



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