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About us

Biz4d is an international mentoring platform which enables young people from all over the world to find a mentor internationally.

It also encourages people who are willing to share their experience and knowledge to join as mentor and help set a young professional to his/her way to success.

We define ourselves as a social impact business. It means that we work independently with professional business values and principles on the one hand, and measure our success based on the social impact our actions achieve on the other. Our working model is inspired by people like Muhammad Yunus.

One of our main focus are developing countries, in continents such as Africa and Asia, which are experiencing an enormous increase in entrepreneurial activities. Perhaps those young entrepreneurs have the skills and the enthusiasm, but they wish a little guidance to get their career to take off faster. By offering their unique set of experience and knowledge, mentors can give a strong contribution to the improvement of their mentees' skill base, which will in turn benefit their local community as well.

Through collaboration of responsible citizens, who are going to volunteer as mentors, we believe we can help reducing the international disparities we are constantly facing in our day to day life, expanding opportunities to young professionals and/or entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world, including developing countries.


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