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Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies(ISEP)

managed by F. Ujiie

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Disaster Relief powered by the sun and biomass
East Japan Earthquake Disaster “Tsunagari Nukumori Project”
(Tsunagari : Unity Nukumori : Warmth and care)

On March 11, 2011 a massive earthquake hit North East prefectures of Japan left numerous number of people living in evacuation centers. Many of them are still without the sufficient supply of electricity and gas. In times of uncertainties when infrastructures for electricity and gas will recover, renewable energy brings the warmth, care, and unity in need. This project aims to bring electricity, hot water, and hot baths from renewable energy to as many people as possible. Your donation expands the opportunities for more people to gain access to light and heat powered by renewable energy.



F. Ujiie

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