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Youth Mentoring at We-KIT, a unit of NRECT

managed by Y. Roberts

About us

We-KIT is a unit of Napoleon Roberts Educational and Charitable Trust (NRECT) and is registered under the Government of Karnataka. The registration number is IV 49 (2011 - 2010)

We-KIT - Rooting youth in their purpose.

We are a group of professionals from varied walks of life, passionate about mentoring youth. We aim to make them purpose driven professionals of integrity and social responsibility.

The Group is a holistic development platform to connect youth to Executives and Mentors in their field of interest by using available professional networks and smart systems to enable real-time professional mentoring and tap into the wisdom and experience of well-established professionals of proven integrity.

We-KIT has been conceptualized and founded in Bangalore, however hopes to become a model for similar volunteer engagements across the world. It seeks to be an extremely dynamic youth organization that is constantly innovating and forward-looking using new technology and resources in order to guide and mentor youth in various key areas like Integrity, Social Responsibility, Green, etc.

We-KIT is nonprofit organizations committed to helping today’s youth find their life’s purpose.

The name We-KIT represents life’s focus just like how a “wicket” is every bowler’s focus. It also represents the “wicket” which is the small gate that is hard to find and get through. Often, reaching one’s purpose means going against the tide, pursuing new avenues and having a certain dogged determination to achieve a dream.

We-KIT supports this agenda in a very smart way using a systematic and technology driven process.


91/C, 3rd F Main, Ramaiah Layout, Thomas Town PO,

Y. Roberts

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