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CASA Interamericana

managed by p. shear

About us

CASA manages ongoing projects in Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and the
USA. All projects are community-initiated and organized. We support communities
and organizations throughout the Americas in their small-scale and artistic endeavors to
create sustainable, creative, and more autonomous ways of living.

Inter-American CASA is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization run
entirely by unpaid volunteers, small foundation grants, and tax-deductible donations
from individuals who support our work and projects. CASA does not accept money from
corporate entities.

CASA works with communities and organizations throughout the hemisphere to
support better living alternatives and strong communities through the arts and new
models for agriculture, sustainable development, community-empowerment, and living
styles. CASA works towards these goals by:

Assisting projects with financial support, technical consultation, and by providing
working hands in the form of community-service delegations

Helping organizations and communities throughout the Americas share resources,
knowledge, and skills, allowing people to move beyond local dependence on their
nation and interdependence with one another on a grassroots level

Supporting the visual and performing arts as a means toward political empowerment
and community building

Providing scholarships for students, artists, and educators to participate in CASA
programs and agricultural and cultural interchanges

Funding, creating, and publishing educational materials and programs that promote
the arts and sustainable living practices, popular education, and hemispheric solidarity


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