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LoszuGhana Children's Village

managed by T. Voser

About us

A village to provide accommodation and food for orphans and needy children especially street children and to support their education.
It comprises of family house units where children will live with mothers who seek to their daily upkeep and welfare. Children will live in separate flats but in a harmonized community.

Latest project news

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

  Y. Asare  13 May 2013 at 11:56 AM

LoszuGhana Association in June this year, will relocate all the foster care children who are currently under the guardian of loszughana to the children’s village. One of our major concern in carrying out this task is provision of adequate food for the children who will reside at the village.

Its already March, which marks the beginning of the raining season, which implies farming. As part of measures to achieve adequate food supply at the village, LoszuGhana will be investing much into agriculture production for the year 2013, most of which will be mass crop production. Crops to be cultivated includes:

20 sacks (500g/sack) maize grains
100 suckers plantain
15 sacks (500 g/sack) beans
100 pieces cassava
200 pieces yam tubers
5 sack (20 g/sack) tamatoes seeds
70 pieces cocoyam tubers


Donations will be invested into above mentioned and described farming project along side the following.

20 bottles (1.5 l/bottle) weedicide
6 machete and 2 hole
2 knapsack spraying machine
5 workers


Farming 2013 is targeted for mass production of food for feeding sufficiently at the village.

The farming project is plan to commence at the end of this month with activities such as clearing of farming area which then will be followed by planting of seedlings.

We are thankful for the generosity and sense of altruism of our donors and are grateful for their dedication so far towards the building and running of Loszughana Charity Project.

We will keep updating all our donors and sponsors through this media and also through our website:

A donation amount of €945.00 was requested for the following needs:

Mango seedlings €5.00Water Pumping Machine €250.00Bags of Maize for Plantation €15.00Pesticide €60.00Weedicide €70.00Coconut seedlings €200.00Orange seedlings €45.00Bag of Fish feed €300.00
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T. Voser

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