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City Life Facility

managed by Paul S.

About us

1. Partner with City of Durban
• City to provide land on a lease basis to build a community facility which includes a 1,000 seater multifunctional auditorium/sports hall and clinic to meet the needs of the City on multiple levels inter alia health and wellness, recreation, community education and social upliftment.
• Upgrade the existing derelict and crime ridden park by fencing it and building a 1km continuous running track which includes a safe parking area for the park and facility.
2. Facility to accommodate the needs of the City in health, welfare and recreation i.e. overall wellness
• Partner with the City and Province in dealing with the enormous HIV/AIDS and T.B. burden.
• Provide life-skills training and counselling with community education programmes covering inter alia adult literacy, parenting and nutrition.
• After hours facilities for HIV counselling and testing and education programmes.
3. Facility to cater for the needs of the City for a meeting hall
• Rent out the facility to various stake holders for meetings.
• Allow the use of the hall as a meeting venue for school functions, churches etc.
4. Indoor Sport facility to unite young and old, rich and poor
• Futsal, FIFA accredited indoor soccer especially for children.
• Basketball.
• Action cricket and various indoor sports.
5. Create an outlet for the public to enjoy a world class park experience
• Turn a derelict, crime ridden area into a safe, user friendly area.
• Maintain a 1km continuous running track through the park.
• Hold concerts in the park.
• Create space where whole families can enjoy an holistic health experience i.t.o. family time together, fitness, relaxation.
• Maintain the animal exercise area for dog walkers.
6. Funding from local and foreign donations


65 Masabalala Yengwa Ave
South Africa

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