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managed by C. Gómez

About us

Trees SOS is a nonprofit association based in Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain.

Its purposes:

-Promote: The tree afforestation at a national level, inducing the community to join the planting and form a common union of solidarity and cooperation for the planet. The campaign slogan will be:

"All together we save the earth"

-Raising awareness: raising awareness of the value of trees in its entirety as a living entity to the community, especially to the teens, which are the key characters to the solution of the conflict of global warming.

-Share: Through its own Web sites and other similar projects, social networks and television advertising campaigns. And through lectures and demonstrations of documentaries in educational institutions.

The project's goal is that at least a million people in the Spanish territory take part in one day to plant one million trees.

The chosen day is March 18, 2012, for three reasons:
-Spring Begins.
-The moon is decreasing, optimal condition for planting.
-It is a Sunday, national holiday.
-On a Sunday the nurseries are closed and also to provide a wider margin at the time of collection and planting. We have a total of seven days from the Thursday before the chosen date until 21 March, the day the project is completed and matches with the World Day of afforestation.

It aims to have an impact action with the project that helps to stop the greenhouse effect caused by excessive concentration of CO2 in the air.

This is a shared dream. And it will only be possible with the cooperation of sensitized individuals. The union is the goal and of course the most planted trees scattered throughout the Spanish territory, thereby creating a community within and outside the ground.


Carrer Trebol 5. Bonaire. Alcudia. Mallorca

C. Gómez

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