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managed by T. zum Mallen

About us


Epoca Communications is a project management organization that leads cross-functional teams of professionals in the execution of small, medium and large- scale projects worldwide.Epoca manages the full cycle of a project, from inception, to funding, all the way through final execution with the support of a strong community of private and institutional partners.

The projects that we manage focus primarily on communicating and documenting valuable inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary experiences around the world.At a time when most media outlets focus their attention obsessively on the disastrous and often macabre aspects of human affairs, Epoca was founded to shed light on the extraordinary achievements of our time and the ideas and projects that bring hope and sustained confidence in our human endeavors.

Epoca vows to critically and energetically investigate, and truthfully represent the state of our collective efforts to bring peace, prosperity and a regained balance to the world. We will always gather the brightest and most courageous minds to challenge the status quo and advance towards a future society where our highest ideals are made real.The future we strive for is one in which humans practice sustainable and fair exploitation of our natural resources, in which none will be safe or rest at ease until poverty, famine and injustice has been completely eradicated from the earth.

What We Do

Epoca Communications manages a large network of specialists in a variety of fields in order to realize small, medium and large-scale projects that focus on cultural and social issues.

The objective is to create a strong and articulate communication and documentation hub using technology and multi-media.The main tools to achieving this are video and film documentaries, web content and infrastructure development, and exhibition planning and management.

Our teams use cutting-edge technologies to create and produce compelling and rich documents to bring visibility to and awareness of important issues.

The areas of specialization are:

Research and data collection

Site inspections

Vendor management

Contracts and negotiations

Hiring and managing teams of consultants

Project management

Video documentation

Web site development

Exhibition design and planning


Schönhauser Allee 43

T. zum Mallen

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