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Partners in Community Empowerment

managed by T. Muzaale

About us

PACE as an organisation was conceived in December 2008. At that time, a group of development practitioners had learnt that the majority of the population in Iganga District (Eastern Uganda) were subjected to extreme deprivation and vulnerability which is clearly evident in the low social development indicators.
This worked to build a strong sense of social conscience and PACE was subsequently registered in March 2009 as a voluntary, non-profit, community based organisation whose purpose is to empower and salvage those relegated to marginal and extremely vulnerable positions.
Through its programmes, therefore, PACE is committed to reach out to the most deprived and vulnerable groups and work for positive change by strengthening their capabilities to realise their full potential.......more
PACE envisions prosperous and self-supportive communities in Iganga District, free from poverty, ill-health and ignorance where under privileged people enjoy a high quality of life
PACE effectively strives to support and empower children, women, the youth, the disabled and the elderly through education, skills training, material and technical assistance so as to build a replicable model of rural transformation


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T. Muzaale

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