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Open Home Project

managed by M. Saup

About us

We are a volunteer non-profit group from Berlin, Germany and are offering private accomodation in the World for people living in Japan during a time of uncertainty.
We have more than 400 hosts who are offering accomodation for guests from Japan. 16 guests from Japan, mostly women with children, have so far accepted this generous offer from our hosts and have found a place to rest.

Open Home Projectについて:私たちはドイツ・ベルリンのボランティアグループです。日本国内の不安を感じている方々へ、欧州並び世界各国への一時的ホームステイ先を提供するために自主的に組織されました。世界各地の方々が400部屋以上受け入れを表明してくれています。


Simplonstraße 65

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