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Change the world with your donation

Family and Community Service Voluteers

managed by P. Azah

About us

Orphanage Project seeks kind donations to provde basic human needs that are critical for the survival of kids in an orphanage.. Donations shall provide items such as baby's crib, mattrress, blankets, pillow cover--essentials to give the infants warmth in the absence of biological mothers. Your donation shall provide nutritious food, toys for recreation, medicine that would ensure decent livelihood for orphans. The survival and healthy growth of infants and children placed in orphanage setting.

Donations supporting purchase of chidren's books, school supplies and provision of clean dringkng water and basic santitation shall com\nstitute a gift of education to orphans in need,

We count on your compassion to be foster parent to a child in need for survival.

Thank you


Catholic Church Njimafor