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Nairobi Kids

managed by L. Waddington

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Looking out over the multitude of tin roofs in the Kayole-Soweto slums of Nairobi, you see broken lives and desperate people. This 'informal settlement' is mainly inhabited by people displaced from other slum areas of Nairobi. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya in Africa, Here in these settlements clean water, electricity, garbage retrieval, and sanitation are limited. People are hungry,and living conditions are sparse. However, there is hope, a bright light in the midst of such despair--Galilee Primary School and Lorna Waddington High School and the Holly House Orphanages which provide a home to some of Kenya's neediest chidlren.

It is a sad fact that many children in the slums of Nairobi miss out on secondary school education due to extreme poverty. Parents or, in many cases, guardians are expected to provide everything from school fees, lunches, uniforms and exam fees for their child. Consequently many parents simply do not have the money to send their children to school. This is where Lorna Waddington High School has made such a tremendous difference. The school has developed an excellent reputation within the local area and in Nairobi itself, providing a low cost education with remarkable results. The school is extremely proud of its record on the KCSE (Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education) exam, topping the school district exam league for the last few years. However, despite the school’s best efforts to deliver a low cost education, it is not possible to do this from parental support alone. Our WHS students live in extreme poverty and need your help.



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