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Communal Areas Support Trust (CAST)

managed by D. Kudejira

About us

About us
The Communal Areas Support Trust, abbreviated as CAST, is a Zimbabwe based non-profit making organization founded in May 2010 (and officially registered in October 2010) to respond to the needs of resource-poor and vulnerable men, women and children located in the local communities of Zimbabwe through employing innovative, demonstrable and sustainable livelihood interventions. CAST partners with other local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Government authorities and funding agencies to ensure that the nets of development assistance are ‘cast’ to the needy and most vulnerable individuals, and help the poor to identify and find lasting solutions to their livelihood problems.

Our Motto
The Motto of the Trust is ‘Cast the nets of development assistance to the needy’

Our Vision
CAST envisions a society in which every citizen has access to basic livelihood needs.

Our Mission
To respond to the needs of vulnerable men, women and children in the communal areas of Zimbabwe through employing innovative and demonstrable livelihood interventions.

Our Goal
Our goal is to improve the living conditions and wellbeing of vulnerable households located in the communal areas of Zimbabwe by carrying out research on poverty related issues and technical and/or relief support for poverty alleviation.

Our approach to development
CAST employs development processes that build the capacity of target communities, and utilise local resources so as to ensure sustainability of its interventions. Underpinning this line of thinking, CAST’s work is framed within 2 program areas;
1.Livelihoods protection program
2.Policy and Advocacy program

Livelihoods Protection Program
The following interventions are implemented under the Livelihoods Protection Program;
a)Children’s rights and Education
d)Water and Sanitation; and
e)Environmental protection

Policy and Advocacy Program
The Policy and Advocacy Program consist of activities and researches aimed at influencing pro-poor policies. Through this Program, CAST produces research papers, policy briefs and other materials which are used as lobbying and advocacy tools. In addition, CAST actively participate in forums organized to discuss issues that relate to poor communal households.


Number 4 Totnes Road, Chadcombe

D. Kudejira

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