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About us

The St. Lazarus Community Self-Help Group is a registered community development organisation which was started with the desire to show God’s love in action to needy, vulnerable and HIV/AIDS -orphaned children.
The St. Lazarus Community Self-Help Group is situated about 20kms outside the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, in a slum called Soweto in Kayole Estate. In 2005 the St. Lazarus Community Self-Help Group extended its alms by establishing an educational institution to provide basic primary education to the needy children in the slums. The school is currently taking care of 240 children in a rental house in the slums.
The children lack basic necessities of life (love, shelter, food and education) and this project is considered to be a means through which their ambitions, desires, anticipations and dreams will be restored.
So far the project has struggled to be where it is today through meager resources and the continuous admission of more and more children with needs burgeoning and straining the current resources. Needs-assessment is done to determine the desideratum (wishes) of every child in order to group them. The children will get access to education, food, sports and better health care. The system of education in the school will be offered in adherence with the government’s approved curriculum.
For the above to be implemented, the board and management of the Community Self-Help Group have the desire to expand the school holistically by doing the following:
* Buying a bigger piece of land to accommodate the ever-increasing number of children
* Hiring permanent teaching staff and non-skilled staff
* Creating a children’s home has also been considered.


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